PageFlavour Pro

A well as having all the basic features of the Lite version, PageFlavour Pro has a massive 100MB capacity for storing your images and documents, as well as an allowance of 100 webpages.
PageFlavour Pro is the ideal choice for retailers and businesses who are looking for an ecommerce solution for selling their products online.

Selling online

The PageFlavour Shoppping cart offers fantasic flexibility and can cater
for various different ways of displaying your products and has been
designed to handle categories, options and accessories with ease.

Flexible product options

The flexibility lies in the way product options and accessories are

For an example, take a look at the Bakers dog
food in the main picture above. You could list the Bakers dog food as three separate products (chicken, beef and lamb), or you could sell it as a single product with the flavours displayed in a select able list - as in the picture.

Build your product ranges with advanced accessory support

Whereas product-options are usually built-in to the item (such as colour
and size) some products may come with accessories which could be free
or have an additional cost. PageFlavour caters for this also.

To demonstrate this, take a look at the Bakers dog
food in the main picture above. In this example the 3.5 kg box is sold
at the base cost, but the 5kg and 15kg sizes will add an additional cost
to the shopping cart when selected.

Flexible shipping methods

PageFlavour handles shipping with ease. You can choose Free shipping, fixed prices or advanced shipping thresholds which are based on cart totals.
These thresholds allow you to set your own discounts and surcharges based on flat-rate or precentage of cart totals.

Order processing

All orders are stored by PageFlavour for your accounts, with new orders being alerted to you by email. PageFlavour also lets you manage the status of each order, so you will always know which orders are new, acknowledged, being processed, completed or cancelled.
You can view all the orders of a particular status for historical reference or invoice printing.