PageFlavour Corporate

A well as having all the basic features of the Pro version, PageFlavour Corporate has a built-in e-commerce; a massive 500MB capacity for storing around 15,000 images and documents; as well as an allowance of 500 webpages.

PageFlavour Corporate is the ideal choice for larger organisations looking to compartmentalise their online presence into different departments, enabling each department to set up customisable user-roles for maintaining your site.

Different people can be assigned to manage different parts of the site

Not only can individual administrators be assigned to specific parts of the website, but what they are allowed to do to those parts can also be set.
This combination means that managers can focus on their part of the business without worrying that other departments accidentally changing critical information.

Managers can assign roles to their teams as well. For example:
  • Mary is allowed to update pages, but not publish them to the live site.
  • Mike is in charge of SEO, but he's not allowed to add diary entries.
  • Lewis isn't allowed to upload pictures anymore (but we won't talk about that!)
  • Alison moderates what Mary does and publishes or rejects with a single click.

Customisable user-levels and permissions

One of the most powerful roles to be applied to a user is that of Content Moderator.
special type of administrator has the power to publish or reject
modifications made to their particular section of the website by other
users. Adding yet an extra layer of security to your business. All
modifications can be viewed by a moderator in preview-mode, meaning no
offensive or incorrect material can ever be published.

Client Access pages

PageFlavour Pro lets you setup private pages for individual clients.
Its easy! Every webpage can be linked to a user-profile. Simply create a user-profile for your customer and link it to any page. No one else will be able to view the content.

Audit Trail

Even the smallest change to the website is recorded. Moderators and super-users
can track the activity performed on an individual page, or by an
individual user.

As well as helping to track down who changed what, it can prove to be a
valuable tool for analysing how well people are using the system.