PageFlavour Schools

Our Content Approval System makes PageFlavour an unrivelled choice for school websites, where users are encouraged to add content, but where a safety net is required.
PageFlavour's flexibility for design lets you create stunning webpages, rich in content.
you're a teacher wanting to add a newsletter, or a student uploading
photos from a field trip, there are page-templates to choose from
including photo galleries, slideshows, video and forms as well as an
unlimited combination of magazine-style layouts.
PageFlavour boasts a very sophisticated user-management system, allowing users to be granted roles.
are three types of role, each one with a separate layer of security,
meaning certain webpages can be accessible to upto 4 different groups.
example, you could have a password protected page for parents to log
into for sensitive information, and another page that only senior staff
members can see.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The
many functions and editing tools that make up PageFlavour can also be
switched on or off for particular users, meaning that there are
literally thousands of possible roles that can be tailored for your
particular school.
PageFlavour has a Content Approval System. This means that nothing gets
published on the website unless it's been approved by a moderator.
Students can build confidence by contributing to
their class homepage or projects, while teachers can be confident that
no unsuit able content is ever published.
PageFlavour can also help in raising money for your school.
With its built-in ecommerce, you can easily add a shop to your
school to make ordering uniforms easy, or why not sell
stationary or books?
This is a must-have for any school. All the school events can be added very easily - just choose a date and add a description.
Multiple events can be added for any given day, meaning you can even build schedules or itineraries for sports day or school plays.