Quality Graphical Logos Just £50

A properly designed logo on your website can really make your business look more professional.

There are a lot of places on the Internet where you can go for logo design, but PageFlavour offers a great value service. This page explains why you get more for your money.

What you get...

First we talk to you about the style you're looking for. We'll discuss the way you want your company perceived and confirm colours, fonts and maybe icons or other graphics that best reflect your company.

Next we come up with 3 design concepts.
You can only choose one and discard the other two.

Plus we give you additional versions

Each of the 3 design concepts are rendered into 2
versions - one for white backgrounds, and one for coloured

We make sure that your logo looks great on any surface!

Hi-resolution version

A hi-res version is also included in the price. You will need this if you want your logo printed on any stationery, or other promotional materials such as brochures, t-shirts or mugs. We post this to you on a CD-ROM.

You own the copyright

With PageFlavour, you own the finished logo and you can use the
hi-resolution version that we give you as many times as you wish, at no
extra cost!

Some logo companies keep the copyright, so you never
actually own your logo. They often charge license fees or conditions that tie you to them for printing. The logo may be cheaper but
you pay in the long run.